Ideal Security SKGLK Deadbolt Set

By Ideal Security




Height: 2.75in
Projection: 1.25in

Ideal Security Deadbolt SetThe SKGLK keyed locking unit for storm and screen doors complements the appearance of the GL lever handle while adding additional security to your home. A keyed deadbolt allows you keep your main door open and enjoy the light that comes in through a storm door, and still feel secure. The SKGLK is not a high security lock, but a secondary level of security. The key feature allows you to lock your storm door as you leave the home, and if someone is home and locks the doors, you can unlock it. Ideal Security has been supplying quality storm and screen door hardware to door manufacturers for over 50 years.Three additional holes are required to be drilled through the door for the screws and spindle.Installation is easy and will take about 20 minutes. A tape measure, drill and screw driver will be required. A center punch to mark the holes is handy, but not required.The spindle can be cut to the length required.The set includes screws for doors 1" to 2-1/8" thick.The set is manufactured from die cast zinc and painted or coated to match the color of the handles.