Design Toscano CL75381 Siren's Lament Canvas Wall Scroll Tapestry

By Design Toscano



Height: 13in
Thickness: 1in
Width: 18in
Weight: 1lbs

Siren's Lament Canvas Wall Scroll Tapestry

In this darkly mysterious work of wall art, the sensual enchantress of the sea beckons with timeless charms including flowing tresses and shapely tail. Inspired by the rocky, moonlit cliffs of Whittby, a small coastal town in the UK, the artist joins us in wondering whether her oceanic temptress mourns dead sailors from passing ships or lures more of them toward the rocks that supply her burgeoning skull collection.

This Design Toscano vinyl-canvas wall scroll tapestry hearkens back to the parchments of ancient libraries and mystical altars. With its black wooden rod and finials and its ebony ribbon hanger, this enviable work from the painting by artist Anne Stokes is ready for instant wall display.