Yosemite Home Decor FC2506-2 Contemporary and Abstract Collection Pear & Apple Fusion Acrylic Painting Canvas Art

By Yosemite Home Decor



Contemporary and Abstract Collection

Height: 24in
Projection: 2in
Width: 24in
Weight: 3.9lbs

Pear & Apple Fusion Acrylic painting Canvas Art

Pear & Apple Fusion is amazing hand painted decorative art, with a fresh abstract approach to Still Life art. There are real pieces of fabric and thread on the canvas, and the gold and silver coloring really glisten, giving this piece its abstract effect and making eye candy for the viewer. The overall texture of the painting is also abstract but is soothing, as well as the soft blends of yellows, oranges and reds that gorgeously fill the two pieces of fruit in this piece. This artwork is very well done and will bring serenity and true class to any room.
  • Made in China