Ambiente AK0619I Handmade Aluminum Mexican Pewter Crocodile Skin Tray Decorative Plate

By Ambiente



Height: 2in
Length: 18in
Width: 13in
Weight: 2.2lbs


Handmade Decorative Aluminum Mexican Pewter Crocodile Skin Tray

This beautiful artwork, is part of Ambiente's unique and original collection of handmade and handcrafted aluminum (Mexican pewter) decorative accessories and home decor exclusive bowls, vases, tableware and sculptural accents and art objects.

  • These elegant, unique and exclusive aluminum tableware and furnishings are handcrafted with passion
  • Mexican pewter is made with 95% aluminum and 5% zinc
  • It is famous for its shiny bright finish, very similar to silver, for its healthy and food friendly characteristics and for its affordable price