Fire Sense 60660 Hanging Halogen Patio Heater in Copper Finish

By Fire Sense



Diameter: 22.85in
Weight: 7.7lbs

Hanging Halogen Patio Heater in Copper Finish A revolution in outdoor heating. This halogen patio heater runs on regular household electric current and is substantially less expensive to operate than propane patio heaters. This adaptable unit can be used indoors and outdoors and will add warmth to any table setting.  For the maximum heat exposure, hang the heater from ceiling so that the bottom of the unit measures 36" from the top of any patio table. No UV rays Silent operation Stainless steel construction 100% heat production within seconds No wasteful heating of the air 700/800/1500 watt settings About 1/10 the energy costs of LPG heaters No harmful emissions or toxic residuals Standard 110V household current