Hydro Bright KS-H-15T HydroBright Handheld Temperature Sensitive Showerhead LED Shower Head, Chrome

By Hydro Bright



Finish Options

Diameter: 3.25in
Gallons per Minute: 2.5gal
Height: 2.5in
Length: 9in


This HydroBright LED Showerhead will let your mind and body escape to an extraordinary new place where you experience the sensation of illuminated colorful water in the most entertaining, relaxing and refreshing new ways.

How often have you stepped into cold shower or burned yourself because the water is already too hot? The HydroBright temperature sensitive showerhead makes such things history. The water color will tell you if the water is cold, warm or hot. Green = cold, Blue = warm, Purple = warmer, Red = hot.

  • Environmentally friendly - no battery or electricity is required to light the LEDs, just water pressure.
  • Easy installation - just replace your existing showerhead with the HydroBright LED Showerhead.
  • No tools required.