Elegant Lighting 9203D13 3 Light Rosalia Crystal Mini Chandelier

By Elegant Lighting



Antique Bronze

Crystal Trim
Elements by Swarovski®

Crystal Color

Light Bulb
(3)60w B10 Cand C Incand


Chain/Cord: 72in
Diameter: 13in
Height: 18in
Weight: 7lbs

Rosalia Crystal Mini Chandelier Royal Cut - a combination of high quality lead free machine cut and machine polished crystals & full-lead machined-cut crystals to meet a desirable showmanship of an authentic crystal fixture. Elegant Cut Crystal - consist 100% of high quality full-lead machine-cut crystal that is above industry standards. It possesses sharp faceting polished to a visual radiance. SPECTRA® Swarovski® - this breed of crystal offers maximum optical quality and radiance. Machined cut and polished, a Swarovski technician’s strict production demands are applied to this lead free, high quality crystal. An exercise in technical perfection, STRASS® Swarovski® crystal meets all standards of perfection. It is original, flawless and brilliant, possessing lead oxide in excess of 39%. Made in Austria, each facet is perfectly cut and polished by machine to maintain optical purity and consistency. An invisible coating is applied at the end of the process to make the crystal easier to clean.