Midwest Tropical HT-2CL Hexaround Aqua Tower Vertical Aquarium Grandfather Clock

By Midwest Tropical



Light Bulb
(1)50w R20 Med F Incand

Aqua Tower™ Vertical Aquarium®

Height: 70.5in
Length: 14in
Width: 14in


Experience the mesmerizing visions of the underwater world with our HT-2 Aqua Tower™ Vertical Aquarium®, an ever-changing tower aquarium filled with tropical life and undersea beauty. This free-standing hexaround shaped 30 gallon designer aquarium continues to be a favorite, taking up minimal floor space and becoming the focal point of any room.

  • A quartz clock movement is installed in the header with Plexiglas facings and brass hands that add to its beauty.
  • Designed to be self-contained with concealed filtration, each model is complete with high-capacity filter, lighting, extension cord, decorative plants, under-gravel filtration, air pump and easy to follow instructions.
  • The crystal clear acrylic is enhanced by a black high gloss header and base that conceal all the parts.
  • Includes 10w fluorescent mini aquarium bulb. Can use up to 50w incandescent reflector.