Anne at Home 7218 Northern Lights Cartier Knob

By Anne at Home




Northern Lights

Length: 1.125in
Projection: 1.25in
Width: 1.125in

Anne at Home provides a large assortment of unique home decor accessories in a variety of finishes. Some of the products available include cabinet knobs and pulls, bath accessories and decorative and functional hooks. Anne at Home's products offers a unique selection of items designed to enhance the look and feel of your home. 100% lead free pewter with brass finding. Made in the USA Standard 8/32” x 7/8" long screws are included. Anne At Home uses a two part catalyzed finishing process for all pewter cabinet hardware, pewter bath hardware, and vanity top accessories. These finishes have the following properties: Excellent hardness and impact resistance Mar and abrasion protection Chemical and water imperviousness Freedom from lead and chromate hazard Non reactivity to ultra violet light and to oils Protection from oxidation Excellent color retention, durability, scratch resistance, and elimination of darkening over time