Lutron Electronics MRF2-3BRL-L Pico Wireless Control from Maestro Wireless Lightswitch

By Lutron Electronics Co.




Maestro Wireless®

Pico™ 3-button, easy-to-use, raise/lower wireless control for use with Lutron's Maestro Wireless®. Communicates wirelessly with up to 10 Maestro Wireless® devices: dimmers, lamp dimmers, and switches. Flexible: Pico™ allows the user to turn dimmer(s) on to 100% brightness, raise lights, turn dimmer(s) on a favorite light level, lower lights, and turn dimmer(s) off. Less wire with easy set up: Pull less wire by mounting a Pico™ wireless control instead of creating a new 3-way control. Includes car visor clip and wall mount clip. Battery operated; requires no external power or communication wiring. Note: The Pico™ wireless control can function as a tabletop control on a pedestal, a lightweight handheld remote, a control clipped to a car visor, or it can be wall mounted with or without a Claro® faceplate. Wallplate and table stand sold separately.