ORE International R5428-4 Four Panel Plum Blossom Shoji Room Divider

By ORE International



Height: 70in
Length: 60in
Width: 2in


Combining beauty and serenity with elegant Asian style, the 4-Panel Plum Blossom Shoji room divider is the perfect piece to add to any environment. Ideal as a partition or simply a background decorative piece, at adds the perfect statement of elegance and beauty. Crafted with the finest materials, this high quality room divider adds tranquility and privacy while enhancing the look of your room. 

  • Sleek, black wooden frame
  • Sheer, crisp, white processed cotton fiber screen
  • Painted with beautiful Japanese plum blossom scenery
  • Use as an art piece or to define personal space
  • Fully assembled