Duravit 700143 Blue Moon Round Bathtub

By Duravit



Tub System
Air-System with Remote

Height: 22.8125in
Length: 55.13in
Width: 55.13in


A basic square surround conceals the actual water pool, only revealing the circular opening to the eye. The pool stands for comfort and spaciousness in the purest form, further underscored by the attractive details.
And just as the tides keep everything in motion, movement is also the order of the day in Blue Moon. The ergonomic interior has practical recesses in the sides that serve as arm or footrests for the tall and as supports for the not-so-tall. With a capacity of almost 137 gallons, the user floats almost weightlessly in the warm water and can freely adopt different positions: what better way to unwind and relax than by allowing the buoyancy of the water to carry you?

  • White finish
  • With Support Frame for Panel
  • With Overflow
  • 1/8" sanitary acrylic
  • Bathtub anchors mandatory for installation