DKN Technology RB-3i i-Series Recumbent Exercise Bike

By DKN Technology




Height: 46.5in
Length: 71in
Weight Capacity: 330lbs
Width: 26in
Weight: 123.5lbs

i-Series Recumbent Exercise Bike Incredibly stylish looking Sleek and classic Easy step-through design Reworked ergonomic design Perfect for longer workouts with reduced chance of injury Constant and accurate feedback on wide range of resistance levels Delivers a superior workout experience for beginners and experts Cardio training is easily programmed Heart rate controlled target zones The App: Integrate wellness and fitness into your lifestyle. Connect via blue-tooth, set your data, and select a program and go. The DKN-Motion App brings you the future of the fitness industry. Console integrates perfectly any tablet, iPad, or Android Design, program, and perform your workout any time and place Integrated command and control the bike Allows up to 12 personalized users to store their work-out data Program can be kept in the background of device Integrates watt control, target heart rate training, and personal coaching Console features: Manual control Programmed runs Endurance Warm-up Calorie burn i-Routes: Explore some of the world's most iconic tours Stride or bike the universe from within the privacy of your own place Challenge yourself on some of the world's most iconic trips