Acorn Manufacturing Warwick Iron Front Door Handle

By Acorn Manufacturing



Rim Latch
Outward-opening (closet or storm doors)

Warwick Iron

Height: 9in
Length: 4in
Width: 2.375in

This handle with rim latch is fashioned in Warwick style, similar to ironwork found in old English castles. Rim latch is suitable for interior or light exterior doors between 1-3/8" and 1¾" thick. Different rim latch type available for inward-opening doors or outward-opening doors. Most interior room and hallway doors are inward-opening. Closet doors and storm doors are outward-opening, and require a reverse-bevel box strike for the rim latch. See options to select inward- or outward-opening hardware. Handle dimensions: 9" x 2-3/8"Rim latch length: 4" Door Hardware Planning & Measuring Guide