Aura Infrared Heating AURA MW-3730240S MW Series 37 Heater

By Aura Infrared Heating



MW Series

Height: 3.8in
Length: 37.2in
Width: 4.8in

MW Series 37 Heater The innovative Aura MW Series Heater is an ideal solution to warm your favorite area on cool days. The AURA MW will enhance your favorite outdoor activities with instant heat and a comfortable warm glow. Ideal for your patio, backyard balcony, terrace, or gazebo. Features: Extruded aircraft grade anodized aluminum body with stainless steel components Silent and odorless operation with no products of combustion Produces instant heat with no initial warm-up time Wall or ceiling mount for optimized heat distribution Wet environment suitable Must be hardwired and installed by certified electrician to local, state and federal electrical code For outdoor use only Specifications: Wattage: 3000W Voltage: 208-240V Amperage: 12.5A