Deco Flair DFA2169 Paper Towel Holder - Dog

By Deco Flair



Height: 15.7in
Length: 7.5in
Width: 7in
Weight: 1.562lbs

Paper Towel Holder - Dog

This dog can hunt! This paper towel holder is an adorable way to address a common kitchen concern - with artfully inspired home decor at its finest! The paper towel roll nestles in the dog's brown-hued "body" (complete with a little tail), and the cheery head - featuring a prominent golden muzzle, a large brown nose and long floppy ears - rests on top. Woof, woof!

  • Hand crafted steel construction
  • Removable top for easy paper towel replacement

This paper towel holder will quickly become a kitchen decor centerpiece. Whether it supports a canine theme or stands alone as a whimsical element, it'll definitely be "top dog."