Lightcraft Outdoor FL-501B-ANG-LED-MR16-4.5-3K-BZ 12V LED Brass Spot Light

By Lightcraft Outdoor




Light Bulb

Diameter: 2in
Length: 4in


Low-voltage 4.5w LED Brass Spot Light

LED landscape lighting offers lower energy costs, simplified installation and less maintenance. The LEDs are a beautiful warm white and rated for 30,000 hours. Due to the lower energy consumption, LEDs allow for less cable and lower transformer wattage and cost. Solid brass landscape lighting is ideal for harsh climates or projects that demand the best choice for long term use. The fixture is naturally toned to a natural bronze finish which will never flake, pit or peel off. The socket is made of high temp ceramic- 200° rated with stainless internal pins that hold the lamp in place.

  • Heavy construction (tool-less)
  • Angled shroud
  • Adjustable light source
  • Side mount contemporary design
  • Mounting: ½" NPT stake included
  • Convex lens guard
  • Light spread: Up to 30 ft. x 40°
  • Lumens: 560 avg