Geochron 910-A Original Kilburg Geochron Timepiece

By Geochron



Black Anodized

Width: 34.25in
Projection: 5in
Height: 22.375in
Weight: 33lbs

The Geochron allows any observer to determine what time it is anywhere in the world. The colorful map is an endless belt that is driven slowly from left to right by an electric clock motor in synch with the rotation of the earth. Time zone boundaries are delineated on the map by dark blue lines which converge on lettered pointers on the top edge of the map. These letters identify the standard time zones and also represent the short wave radio prefix for that zone.Internal components are primarily of aluminum and stainless steel, as well as some polycarbonate parts such as the maps and light filtersThe world map is made using a high resolution lithography process, which incorporates environmentally-friendly UV-Curable inks, rendering the maps resistant to ultraviolet light and scratchingAssembled by hand, lending a personal touchEach Geochron passes through multiple quality inspection checks along the assembly process, including a rigorous 28 point inspection prior to shippingThe Geochron illustrates:Legal time zonesGreenwich Mean timeGreenwich Apparent timeLocal Apparent timeMoment of sunriseMoment of sunsetDuration of daylightSun’s meridian passageSun’s equation of timeDegrees of latitude and longitude