Rhythm Clocks 4MH869WU06 Anthology Espresso Wall Clock

By Rhythm Clocks



Width: 16.3in
Thickness: 3.87in
Height: 20.9in
Weight: 9lbs

The Anthology Espresso is a remarkably true combination of visuals and harmonic quality. The silver-finished dial is encrusted with 6 crystals, 15 behind the dial, and 17 on the rotating pendulum. On the hour, the dial opens into 6 sections revealing silver-finished instruments and music notes that rotate to one of 30 melodies. This timepiece is encased in a beautifully crafted espresso-finished frame. Clock is battery quartz operated.Includes volume controlIncludes monitor button, so you can demonstrate special functions at any timeIncludes night sensor so that melodies will shut off when the area is dark, avoiding nighttime disruptionsIncludes on/off switchMade with Swarovski crystalRequires four D batteries, not included