Whitehall Products 03227 Traditional Directions Full-Bodied Horse Weathervane

By Whitehall Products




Traditional Directions

Length: 9.75in
Height: 8in

Traditional Directions Full-Bodied Horse Weathervane This Whitehall Full-Bodied Horse Weathervane will add classic decoration to your home and provide a lifetime of useful enjoyment. The heavy-duty cast aluminum construction and durable finish ensure that the weathervane will withstand even the harshest climates, season after season. This weathervane includes black arrow, mast, directionals, base and gold-bronze ornament and globes. The included mounting bracket allows easy installation on your rooftop. Centuries ago, weathervanes were one of the first instruments to detect changes in the weather by pointing in the direction from which the wind was blowing. The Tower Of Winds in Athens, Greece (48 BC) is among the earliest archaeological examples, topped with its Triton weathervane. Over the years, a variety of ornaments have been created to display various cultural, religious, and patriotic themes. Ornament Dimensions: 9 3/4in L x 8in H Fully functional Crafted of rust-free aluminum Carefully crafted and meticulously detailed Weather resistant paint finishes