LG WDP5 29-in Laundry Pedestal with Drawer

By LG Appliances

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Width: 28.43in
Height: 13.58in
Depth: 27in
Weight: 52.8lbs

LG 29 In. Laundry Pedestal with Drawer The LG WDP5V 29 In. Laundry Pedestal with Drawer, in graphite, adds extra storage space to your laundry room and helps make doing laundry easier. The pedestal helps keep your laundry room organized so you spend less time trying to find what you need, while keeping essential items in one, easy-to-access place. This pedestal also raises your washer and dryer to a more comfortable height, making loading and unloading laundry easier on your arms, legs and back. 29 in. laundry pedestal with drawer Compatible with selected 8000 series LG washers and dryers Raises washer or dryer to more convenient height Storage drawer to hold essential laundry supplies Puts an end to clutter in your laundry room