Paula Deen 51734 Signature Cutlery 7-Piece Block Set

By Paula Deen



Signature Cutlery

Signature Cutlery 7-Piece Block Set "A good set of knives is just as important as quality cookware. Chefs go crazy over knives, and I can understand why - they become an extension of your hand in the kitchen. My new collection is razor-sharp to get the job done well and fast, and feel comfortable so you won't get fatigued. I love the storage block from acacia wood, an eco-friendly hardwood that has such a rich, warm grain." Best Dishes! - Paula Deen Tempered and hardened high carbon steel with a tapered ground edge is designed for perfect cutting performance. A full tang offers exceptional control and balance. Smooth, contoured handles are efficiently crafted and shaped to ensure a safe, comfortable grip. They are nonporous to prevent the growth of odor causing bacteria. Sustainable, eco-friendly acacia hardwood block stores knives safely and within easy reach. This complete set contains the knives you'll need for all your kitchen needs. Set Includes: 8" Chef Knife 8" Slicer 8" Bread Knife 5" Serrated Utility Knife 3.5" Parer Shears 6-Slot Acacia Wood Block with Logo Plate