Energizer Nh15Bp-4 NiMH AA Batteries

By Energizer



Number per Pack
4 per Pack

Height: 0.75in
Length: 4.5in
Width: 4in
Weight: 0.275lbs

4 NiMH AA Batteries   Don't waste money by constantly replacing dead batteries. The Energizer® NH15BP-4 Rechargeable NiMH Batteries will last up to 1,000 charges before needing to be replaced. This 4 pack of AA batteries is designed for powering high-drain devices such as digital cameras, PDAs and portable CD players. Plus, with their advanced, high-energy NiMH technology, these batteries hold more power than standard rechargeable alkaline or NiCd batteries, allowing you to get more use out of your electronics between charges. Advanced, high-energy, Nimh Technology takes up to 1,000 charges Designed for high-drain devices like digital cameras, PDAs, portable CD players, Etc. More power than standard rechargeable Alkaline or Nicd Batteries AA  2300 Mah