Toto ST743S Drake G-Max Toilet Tank

By Toto



Insulated Tank
Uninsulated Tank

Bolt Down Lid
Without Bolt Down Lid

Trip Lever



BackToFront: 26.5in
Overall Height: 28.5in
Width: 19.5in
Weight: 36.5lbs

Toto Drake G-Max Toilet TankToto is known worldwide as one of the biggest plumbing brands around. Established in 1917, based out of Kitakyushu, Japan, Toto has grown to one of the biggest companies for toilets, bidets, washlets, sinks, and other bathroom products and accessories. Toto has toilets and sinks ranging from the low end cost effective, to the ultra modern top of the line models, all at a quality and price second to none.This G-Max Drake tank from Toto features a 1.6 Gallon flushing system. G-Max's extra-wide 3-Inch flush valve and wide 2-1/8-Inch glazed trapway offer increased flow, drawing water into the bowl more quickly, and then away more forcefully . With G-Max's powerful siphon jet, the system makes sure what goes down stays down. G-Max is the industry benchmark for flushing performance with features like: A larger 2-1/8-Inch glazed trapway offers increased flow, drawing water into the bowl more quickly and then away more forcefully to prevent clogging, a huge 3-Inch flush valve creates a quicker, quieter, more forceful flush, and an extra large siphon jet generates unmatched power for one-flush superiority to make sure what goes down stays down.Contemporary, high profile designG-Max: Quiet, powerful, commercial grade flushing performanceFast Flush: Wide 3-Inch flush valve is 125% larger than conventional 2-Inch flush valvesComplete with tank trim and coupling components