BonJour 57088 4-Piece Brioche Pan Set

By BonJour



4-Piece Brioche Pan Set Why not put a European twist on your next meal by making brioche instead of muffins or bread? Buttery and rich brioche complements a variety of dishes from scrambled eggs to caramelized apples, presenting truly flavorful combinations. The dependable construction of this brioche pan will ensure that all kinds of hand-held treats are made with care. Seasonal flavors, high-quality ingredients and passion lie at the heart of European cuisine. The luscious desserts and baked goods crafted in France, Italy, Austria and beyond can be created to perfection with BonJour® Bakeware. This high-quality set of brioche pans features a double coat of nonstick that resists abrasions for long-lasting, dependable Bakeware. The nonstick provides impeccable food release - crucial when baking - and the exteriors are also coated in nonstick, making cleaning as easy as eating a delectable treat. Professionals and home cooks alike who strive to bake epicurean delights that live up to the rich culinary traditions found across Europe prefer BonJour Bakeware because of the thick, high-caliber aluminized steel construction, which can easily stand up to the rigors of busy kitchens. Adding to the superior quality of these brioche pans are the wire-reinforced rims that withstand warping so brioche, muffins and tartlets retain their perfectly delicious shape for years. These brioche pans are also dishwasher safe, a wonderful fusion of gourmet quality and everyday convenience. Bon appétit!   This set includes four 3-1/2-inch brioche pans The wire-reinforced rims of the brioche pans resist warping even after daily use A double layer of nonstick coats the brioche pans inside and out for beautiful food release and protection against scrapes and scratches Conveniently, these brioche pans are dishwasher safe BonJour is a registered trademark of Meyer Corporation, US