Keystone Fabrics E60 Diamond Plus Corded Outdoor Shade

By Keystone Fabrics



4-ft x 8-ft

Tropic Bahama

Length: 96in
Width: 48in

Diamond Plus Corded Outdoor Shade Used as an exterior solar shade that blocks the sun before it hits your window or patio. By blocking the sun before it hits your window or patio, you can dramatically reduce heat build-up, fading of furniture and glares on your TV or computer. This series comes with an oil rubbed bronze valance that is three-sided to fully enclose and protect your shade. Made of PVC coated polyester with UVA block Can be mounted on either the ceiling or wall with easy install brackets and are operated with a cord Fabric wrapped bottom tube Mounting hardware included for wood installations Great for use as a patio shade Tie Down System: Bungee WARNING: The cords on this product present a potential strangulation hazard. For child safety, consider cordless alternatives or products with inaccessible cords. To access a copy of the warning label, see additional images. Color Options: Maui: 72% UVA block Tropic Bahama: 85% UVA block Caribbean: 90% UVA block Kona: 90% UVA block