Swann SCU322YDX Digital Wireless Extra Camera

By Swann



Height: 4.1in
Length: 8.4in
Projection: 7.9in

Swann Digital Wireless Extra CameraIntroducing Swann's Digital Wireless Extra Camera. It's state-of-the-art Advanced Digital Wireless technology, providing you with additional coverage, zero interference and a 100% private signal.  Mount the camera in the area you want to monitor day or night and connect to power. Set the Extra Camera to a second channel on your receiver and the camera and receiver will find each other or "pair up" to create a secure and private, encrypted point-to-point wireless signal.  The latest Advanced Digital Wireless technology means you get clearer video picture and better sound. Unlike older analog wireless surveillance the ADW-200/X has zero interference and static from other wireless devices such as Bluetooth, web routers, microwave ovens and cordless phones. It's truly wi-fi friendly! The pack includes the camera, mounting screws and plugs, 4 theft deterrent stickers and everything you need to get started. It's wireless security for today's world!An easy way to protect the people you care about & see what's really happeningCombine with the ADW-200 camera & receiver to complete your wireless security system100% privacy from a secure, encrypted point-to-point signalZero interference from Bluetooth devices, web routers, microwave ovens, cordless phones & is truly Wi-Fi friendlyClearer picture with high resolution & better sound, every time