Sumerain S3073CL LED Thermal Rainfall Shower and Sprayer Faucet Set

By Sumerain




Gallons per Minute (Max): 1.5gal
Spout Height: 4in
Spout Reach: 3in
Weight: 6lbs

LED Thermal Rainfall Shower and Sprayer Faucet Set Sumerain’s high quality LED Thermal Shower w/Rainfall Sprayer Faucets were designed to bring a modern and fun feel into any bathroom. With a built-in LED light and temperature sensor, enjoy watching this faucet illuminate and change colors as you change the water temperature. The visual appeal of Sumerain’s LED showerheads seek to not only entertain but also relax your mind and body. The LED light is powered by water flow, and will be activated once the water is turned on. Has build-in LED Hydro Generating Light System without using any DC battery Brass/stainless steel body Chrome finish Multi-layer finishing process for stunning appearance Tested to be drip free after 600,000 uses! Engineered for a lifetime of use This LED Showerhead will change its color by detecting water temperature: 32 - 86 Degrees: Blue LED 87.8 - 104 Degrees: Green LED 105.8 - 122 Degrees: Red LED 123.8 - 212 Degrees: Flashing Red LED