Vitapur® VWD9506 Point-of-Use Water Dispenser

By VitapurĀ®



Stainless Steel

Point of Use

Depth: 12in
Height: 38.6in
Width: 11in

Point-of-Use Water Dispenser The VitapurĀ® Point-of-Use Water Dispenser is an innovative water dispenser with high end design that hooks directly up to your cold water line eliminating the need for bottled water! Perfect for areas where it is difficult to access heavy bottled water including; basements, rec rooms, offices and secondary rooms in homes. Features quick connect style filter cartridge for easy maintenance. Energy saving kettle feature rapidly provides hot water without the cost of constantly re-heating water Features leak detection Dual float system and auto shut-off switch to prevent overflow conditions Dispenses hot, room and cold water Easy to use push buttons with childproof safety lock for hot water Carbon block filter removes chlorine taste, odors and particulate/sediment, 5 um nominal Filter life: 1500 Gallons/5700L Warranty: 1 Year Warranty