Verilux VF01 Original Natural Spectrum Floor Lamp

By Verilux




Height: 48in
Length: 10.5in
Overall Height: 61in
Shade Height: 1.75in
Shade Length: 9.5in
Shade Width: 5.75in
Width: 9in
Weight: 10lbs

Original Natural Spectrum Floor Lamp You've seen imitations of this lamp just about everywhere, but there's only one Verilux® Original Full Spectrum Floor Lamp! This lamp is brighter, produces less glare, and helps your eyes and mood better than all the imitations. You'll notice the difference instantly. Now 20% brighter, the Original Full Spectrum "indoor sunshine" lamp utilizes 50 years of research expertise to scientifically tune light for the eyes of readers, crafters and computer users. Includes the famous energy-saving Verilux® 27W bulb which lasts 10X longer than incandescent bulbs (10,000 hours). Verilux® technologies optimize black-white contrast, reduce eyestrain-causing flicker and glare so you can work longer with less eyestrain, and actually relax your eyes the more the lamp is used. Flexible gooseneck adjusts smoothly and quietly. Exclusive Parabolic Light Diffuser totally eliminates glare from a bare bulb. Three-way switch allows two levels of illumination.