SecurityMan HomeDVR-KT1B Digital Video Recorders (DVR)

By SecurityMan



Height: 2.6in
Length: 15.9in
Width: 10.8in
Weight: 2lbs

SecurityMan HomeDVR-KT1B Digital Video Recorders (DVR) The HomeDVR-KT1B is a simple one camera recorder security system for home and small business. It includes one compact size wired outdoor/indoor color camera with night vision and a palm size digital video recorder. Using wired camera, it is good for users who want uncompromised picture quality without any wireless interference. The digital video recorder can records 24-404 total hours of audio and video using MPEG-4 compression into a SD card featuring time/date stamp, automatic overwrites when SD card is full, and more. Do-It-Yourself, easy to setup and use Small scale security system for home and business One compact size outdoor/indoor color camera (SM-302) with audio Best picture quality from wired camera; wireless interference free Built-in IR LEDs for night vision up to 23 (B/W) Future upgradeable by adding 1 more wireless or wired camera (select on active channel for recording) Records audio and video to SD card (up to 32GB, SD card not included) Up to 24-404 video hours of recording time for a 32GB Overwrites when SD card is full  Schedule, manual, or motion detection recording USB port for backup, download, and playback Note: SD or SDHC Memory Card required for operation.