Downright HIMA Himalaya 700+ Polish Goose Down Comforter

By Downright




Warmth Level


Length: 86in
Width: 76in

Himalaya 700+ Polish Goose Down Comforter The ultimate in luxury. This is the comforter to complement the finest linens, while providing the utmost coziness and comfort. Attractively encased in a spectacular sateen tick from Sanders of Germany, this comforter is both elegant and light. Double stitching and satin piping reflect great attention to details. 354 Thread count. High thread count combined with the special SanProCare® finish, permits superior moisture evaporation, making this a wonderful choice for year round comfort. Large baffled boxes allow for maximum down lofting. Fill: 700+ Polish White Goose Down Care Instructions: Comforters should always be used inside a cover. Comforters may be spot cleaned for spills and aired out occasionally. Dry cleaning should only be performed by a company experienced with down products, as dirty cleaning fluid will cause the down to clump, lose its lofting ability and occasionally develop a mild odor. Machine washing should ONLY be done in a front-loading commercial capacity washer with a low sudsing detergent or a product specifically designed for washing down products. Run through the rinse cycle twice to remove all soap. Place in large capacity dryer on lowest heat setting and dry for several hours. This step is very important, because if down is not thoroughly dried, it may develop mold and odors.