Bamboo 54 5842 Bamboo Fancy Console Table

By Bamboo 54



Height: 34in
Length: 45.5in
Width: 15in

Bamboo Fancy Console Table Great for use as a telephone table or for behind the couch Some assembly required Throughout the eastern cultures, bamboo has been a symbol of serene inspiration. The many uses of bamboo are varied and numerous - almost anything can be made from it - with imagination as its only limit. Advantages of Bamboo Strong, durable, stable, and flexible Possesses a tensile strength stronger than steel Hardness comparable to maple wood One of the fastest growing plants on earth Sustainable and renewable Extremely tough Using bamboo instead of wood conserves tropical forests, stimulates healthy agriculture, and nurtures sustainable life. Bamboo is both beauty and brawn all in one; its elegance redefines surroundings while serving to promote inner peace and spiritual contentment. At Bamboo54, we know that the environment is both beautiful and important. Bamboo..good for us all. Grow it. Live it. Use it. Love it.