777 PurTest Home Water Analysis Kit

By PurTest



Depth: 2.5in
Height: 7in
Width: 4.75in
Weight: 0.35lbs

Home Water Analysis KitThe Home Water Analysis kit is a comprehensive test kit that allows you to quickly and easily test your drinking water right-at-home for various contaminants and conditions. Safe water is critical to everyone's health. PurTest will help you know what's in your water and what problems need to be solved. Tests included: 1 test each for bacteria, lead and pesticide. Two (2) tests each for iron, alkalinity, pH, hardness, chlorine, copper, nitrate and nitrite. Also included is a Free Basic Water Knowledge Handbook and water test results sheet! Consumer friendly and environmentally conscious, there is nothing toxic in PurTest. No mailing or lab fees; everything you need is included. PurTest is fast, easy, accurate, reliable and convenient. Quickly and easily test right at home Fast, easy, accurate, reliable, convenient Test for 11 different drinking water contaminantsInstructions in English and Spanish