Home Court CNR202 Rope Cable Portable Volleyball System

By Home Court



Rope Cable Portable Volleyball Set Poles 3-section telescoping 2.25-inch O.D. anodize aluminum poles Track on middle tube holds a steel cam-buckle polyester strap, for quick tension of bottom net cable Poles offer settings at 99.5, 91.5, 82.375 and 77-inches from pole bottom Net Power net with 2-inch 13-oz vinyl top and bottom tapes, 3-inch sides 32 X 3-foot, #27 knotted polyester weather treated netting 3/16-inch twisted rope cable top and bottom 3/4-inch wooden end dowels with four grommets and tie cords per side Webbing Guylines & Stakes Two red one-inch polyester webbing guylines per standard all with steel cam-buckle cinches A steel dee ring on the end of each guylines provides quick and secure attachment for the heavy duty 16-inch x 5/8-inch steel stakes Guyline storage hand winder provided with set Webbing Boundary One inch 30 x 60-foot web line with preformed loops at each corner Four 5-inch steel stakes, with bungee cord attached to each stake Storage hand winder, ready for grass play Bag 6X6 denier black polyester bag 53 x 13.75-inch, with handles Adjustable shoulder strap Full-length double zipper Stake pocket and room for a ball