Gazebo Penguin 41218 18-ft 11-in x 12-ft 1/2-in Solarium

By Gazebo Penguin



Door Height: 78in
Door Thickness: 1in
Door Width: 39in
Length: 227in
Overall Height: 110in
Width: 144.5in

18-ft 11-in x 12-ft 1/2-in Solarium (2) Sliding doors Door handles are able to be reinstalled and allow you to decide whether you would prefer having the door open to the left or to the right Wind panels: The wind panels can slide all the way down to the bottom or in any of the 5 positions of the Solarium and allow maximum air circulation Caps are included to hide all unsightly screws Both ends of door rail are closed off to keep bugs from coming in and reproducing If the screening happens to tear, it is easily removable and replaceable Top Panel Dimensions: 245-in x 162-in 5/16-in thick polycarbonate panels, Smoke color Comes with double doors that make an 82-in opening, making it easier for large objects to be brought in Three hooks are available to place for your lights or accessories of your choice and convenience