Unlimited Light DK10B Floor Paver Kit Deck Rail Light

By Unlimited Light



Light Bulb
(1)100w MR16 GZ6.35 12v Halogen

Length: 296.4in
Weight: 17lbs

Our paver lighting kits are the perfect solution to floor level mood lighting, inside or out. These lightings are also unique in that the fittings stay cool and are safe to walk on, of course they also allow for a dazzling range of lighting effects. They can be installed in: wooden floors, decking, paving, stair skirting, concrete and are typically used as marker lights for pathways or entrances, wall washing inside or out, uplighting columns or archways and mood lighting in any room in the house, including wet rooms and pool areas. A water resistant enclosure is required if light source is to be located outside 10 Fiber optic tails with 10 P1 stainless steel end fittings Lengths vary between 9.84' and 24.7' End fittings 1.5 inch 100w halogen illuminator on color wheel