Vinaroz VRC-28FP Die Cast Aluminum Fry Pan

By Vinaroz




Width: 12in
Length: 17.75in
Height: 3.75in

Die Cast Aluminum Fry Pan This Vinaroz 11” Die Cast Aluminum Fry Pan with ceramic coating comes with a vent that allows steam to escape, which helps address boiling over/lid rattling issues and also provides more visibility in through glass lids. The vent also allows the pan to breathe even when stored with lid intact. The handles on this frying pan are Bakelite handles to stay cool during cooking. Always keep potholders handy to prevent burning your hand on a handle. The ceramic coating is a 100% natural ceramic powder that has similar non-stick properties to Teflon®. Ceramic can withstand temperatures up to 850º degrees in quality. Aside from the Ceramic-Eco coating, the other components of the cookware are as equally earth-friendly. The pan is sprayed with silicon paint for the exterior and offers such effective heat distribution that food cooks much more quickly (with less energy). This ceramic coated pan is one of those pans that you will use every day for everything from eggs to browning your favorite chop. Die-cast Aluminum Cookware is Certified PTFE and PFOA-Free, which means it's healthy for you and the environment Inner white ceramic coating Non toxic, non stick Rapid and even heat distribution High performance and dishwasher safe