Sephra Cortez Commercial Fountain and 20-lbs Sephra Melts Dark Chocolate Coating

By Sephra



Height: 23in
Width: 13in

Cortez Commercial Fountain and 20 lb Sephra Melts Dark Chocolate Coating Sephra's 23 inch, three tiered commercial fountain is the most affordable and portable model. Ideal for small events of 50-75 guests or as an accent to larger chocolate fountains, the Cortez creates endless possibilities when used with other chocolates or fondues. If you are looking for a chocolate & fondue fountain to get your Chocolate Fountain business started, the Cortez is an excellent choice, and usually pays for itself in just a few events. Max Capacity: 7 lbs Min Capacity: 5 lbs Serves 50-75 guests Voltage: 110V/120V ETL Sanitation Certified to NSF Requirements Removable Basin for Easy Cleaning Includes: 20 pounds of Sephra Melts Dark Chocolate Coating Sephra Melts Dark Chocolate Coating is specially formulated for use in chocolate fountains and by confectioners who wish to have a chocolate coating that will harden quickly when molding or dipping food items. Sometimes referred to as a compound coating, it is made of similar ingredients as chocolate, however compound coatings contain greater than 5% vegetable fat substituted for traditional cocoa butter that is found in chocolate. Compound coatings also are made with cocoa powder instead of chocolate liquor. Confectioners often prefer compound coating due to its economical cost and since it does not require tempering as do cocoa butter based chocolate products.