Softride Bike Racks 260 QuietRide Anti-Rattle Aluminum Ball Mount with Lock

By Softride Bike Racks




Height: 4.75in
Length: 14.5in
Width: 7in
Weight: 7lbs

Anti-Rattle Aluminum Ball Mount with Lock The ball mount has two critical components that work together to ensure you have the safest and quietest ride possible. A threaded stainless steel hitch pin tightens securely to an internal nut within the ball mount's solid inner wall. The magic lies in the way the ball mount is pulled into the corner of the receiver tubing by the tightening action of the "gold wedge" and hitch pin. This three-axis tightening eliminated all the side to side, up and down , and forward to back movement that causes that annoying clanking sound. Fits 2" receivers Includes corrosion resistant lock and stainless steel hitch pin Has a 1.25" shank hole with a bushing to size down for a 1" ball shank Load specifications: 1,000 lb tongue weight 10,000 lb gross towing weight Class IV