Kahla Porcelain K-394728-90039 (Qty 6) Five Senses Cafe au Lait Cup Coffee (6 Pack)

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Five Senses

Five Senses Cafe au Lait Cup Coffee (6 Pack) A nice cup of café au lait with breakfast. The scent fills the kitchen and you know that this day will be a great one. The café au lait cup from the Five Senses collection will enable you to have that feeling every morning. Enjoyable company, the right ingredients, and sensible but beautiful tableware simply go together. Five Senses is a versatile porcelain concept for today’s kitchen and table. Sensuous and with an eye-catching form, sensible and surprisingly functional: extraordinary cups, plates, dishes and more. The gourmet porcelain for preparing, serving and eating. Holds 15.22 ounces/0.45 liters Use with Five Senses Large Saucer 16 cm Dishwasher Safe Microwave Safe Ovenproof Design: Barbara Schmidt Made in Germany