Cuisinox POTC24-PASTA Gourmet® 8 Quart Covered Pasta Pot Set

By Cuisinox



Diameter: 9.5in
Height: 9in
Weight: 6lbs

GourmetĀ® 8 Quart Covered Pasta Pot Set Now you can enjoy the ease, simplicity and safety of cooking your pasta without ever having to lift and pour a heavy pot of boiling water. The 3 piece pasta pot from Cuisinox allows you to cook and serve pasta by simply removing the perforated insert up and out of the boiling water. You may then immerse a fresh new batch of pasta right into the already boiling water. This is great for large gatherings or special events. Now you can cook two or more types of noodles quickly and easy. A must for cooking lasagna, steaming shellfish and cooking a few cobs of corn. The pot may also be used on its own and comes with a handy see through glass lid. 8 quart capacity 9.5 inch diameter Graduated interior markings Pasta insert included Tempered glass lid included Dishwasher safe Induction ready 25 year warranty