Cuisinox POT300 Elite® 30 piece Cookware Set

By Cuisinox



Elite® 30 piece Cookware Set When only the best will do. Well, this set is for you. Do you deserve it? Does your kitchen deserve it? See below for the complete list of items contained in this, the absolutely best stainless steel cookware set in North America! Includes: 1.0 lt Covered Saucepan (POT-314) 1.9 lt Covered Saucepan (POT-316) 2.8 lt Covered Saucepan (POT-318) 3.6 lt Covered Saucepan (POT-320) 5.9 lt Covered Dutch Oven (POT-324) 7.4 lt Covered Dutch Oven (POT-326) 10.4 lt Covered Stock Pot (POT-328) 2.8 lt Entrée Series Pan (POT-324ENT) 4.0 lt Covered Chef`s Pan (POT-324W) 36 cm Covered Wok (POT-336) 2.8 lt Covered Sauté Pan (POT-324FC) 4.3 lt Covered Sauté Pan (POT-328FC) 42 x 35 cm Roaster with Rack (POT-342RLG) 24 cm Frypan, Dupont Platinum (POT-324FX) 28 cm Frypan, Dupont Platinum (POT-328FX) 28 cm Frypan (POT-328F) 32 cm Frypan (POT-332F) 30 cm Skillet (POT-330F) Features: Dishwasher safe Graduated interiors Induction ready Oven safe to 500 °F 25 year warranty