Whynter LLC T-1A Sno Portable Ice Maker, Platinum

By Whynter




Depth: 16.61in
Height: 13.78in
Width: 13.86in
Weight: 39lbs

Whynter LLC Sno Portable Ice Maker The Whynter Sno Ice Maker is a stand alone ice maker that is compact, luxurious and requires no plumbing. You can get ice cubes in 3 different sizes and is ideal for the home, the office or for recreational vehicles/boats. Just a few simple steps and this sleek machine will make 2 lbs of fresh ice in around an hour. In less than 12 minutes you can have your first batch of ice. With this highly portable unit, you can quickly have cool, refreshing ice wherever you have a 110v outlet and water to pour into it. The direct connection allows you the convenience of having a continuous supply of ice without having to refill the water drawer. Simply connect the unit to a water main using the food grade drinking water hose that comes with the unit and the unit will draw water for ice making as needed. The unit will be able to sense a full ice tray and stop the water flow while keeping your ice tray full of freshly made ice at all times. Removable ice and water drawers 35 pounds of ice per day (24 hours) maximum output Easy to operate and clean 3.8 Liter manual water reservoir 2.9 pound maximum ice storage capacity No drain required, water from melted ice cubes is filtered and re-used Please allow 6" from the top, back and sides for ventilation Ready to use ice within 12 minutes 3 ice sizes to choose from (small, medium or large) High efficiency CFC-free compressor 10' food grade drinking water hose included for water connection model