Camerons Products CMS Gourmet Mini Smoker

By Camerons Products



Height: 3in
Length: 11in
Width: 7in

Gourmet Mini Smoker Half the size of the stovetop - great for two or three servings. Divine for ribs - put a dry rub of salt, pepper, ground ginger, paprika, & cayenne pepper on both sides. Place on the rack - smoke for 90 minutes on medium using hickory or mesquite wood chips. Then remove lid, pour over a little BBQ sauceĀ  and put in the oven for 15 minutes at 375 uncoveredĀ  - what a treat!!! Hot smoke in minutes right on your own stove top. Prepare delicious moist smoke-flavored dishes quickly and without fuss. Smoke salmon, chicken, meats, and vegetables with your choice of included wood chips. Perfect for a small family or a special dinner for two. Give your foods that smoky flavor you love inside right on your stovetop. Comes with 2 sample woodchips and instruction/recipe guide. Dishwasher safe