Camerons Products CLS Lil' Smokey Portable Mini Smoker

By Camerons Products



Height: 6in
Length: 11in
Width: 7in

Lil' Smokey Portable Mini Smoker Can be used on stovetop or outdoors using sterno, campfire or gas burner. Includes a stand and a sterno holder and Non-stick rack. It is the Gourmet Mini Smoker with a special Base to hold the smoker so that it can smoke and cook using a can of Sterno for the heat source. The sides of the base keep the wind from blowing out the flame. It has a holder for the Sterno can included with the two sample tubs of Hickory and Cherry Wood Chips and the instructions and recipes. Great for camping or backpacking. Give your foods that smoky flavor you love inside or out with a mini smoker unit, stand and sterno holder Comes with 2 sample woodchips and instruction/recipe guide Dishwasher safe