Magic Showerhead SH2040 Temperature Sensitive MagicShowerhead LED Shower Head, Chrome

By Magic Showerhead




Diameter: 3.15in
Height: 2.82in
Length: 8.97in
Width: 3.15in
Weight: 1lbs

Finally, the time is over to check the water temperature by hand. The color of the LEDs change by the water temperature to let you know when it's the perfect temperature. MagicShowerhead's philosophy is to bring you fun, easy-to-use, and environmentally friendly product - in the practice of "green living". How often did you already burn yourself, just by checking if the water is already hot? Thanks to MagicShowerhead this is history - the color will tell you if the water is cold, warm or hot. This protects yourself, your kids or elderly people from serious third-degrees burn from the water white = cold, blue = warm, blue/red = warmer and red = hot. No battery or cable is required to light up the LEDs. Just Water pressure. White = cool, blue = warm, purple = warmer and red = hot. Easy installation - just replace your existing showerhead with the MagicShowerhead. No tools required The swivel connector allows you to adjust the direction of the water jet.