Magic Showerhead SH2030 MagicShowerhead Multi Color handheld LED Shower Head, Chrome

By Magic Showerhead




Diameter: 3.15in
Height: 2.82in
Length: 8.97in
Weight: 1lbs

MagicShowerhead's philosophy is to bring you fun, easy-to-use, and environmentally friendly product - in the practice of "green living". With the continuous development and patented technology in the use of LEDs, they are able to replace the batteries and save water by using the water pressure from your home for illumination. Are you also someone, who forgets sometimes the time under the shower? This MagicShowerhead reminds you, by changing the color every 2 Min. in sequence, how long are you already taking a shower. Color change from red to green to blue. 15 LEDs changing every 2 min.the color from red to green to blue, to remind you, that you are taking a shower for 2-4-6 min - maybe time to stop? No battery or cable is required to light up the LEDs. Just Water pressure. Easy installation - just replace your existing showerhead with the MagicShowerhead. No tools required Fits to any 1/2" showerhose.