Enrico Products 2842A Large Mango Broadleaf Bowl, Natural Lacquer

By Enrico Products



Natural Lacquer


Weight: 2lbs

Large Mango Broadleaf Bowl, Natural Lacquer These stylish bowls and trays are carved from Mango trees grown in Thailand. Each piece has a live edge of tree bark around the rim that adds to the natural beauty. The Mango tree bears fruit for about 40 years, at which time it is cut down by the farmer to make room for new seedlings. The mango wood is then reclaimed by local craftsmen and carved into a wide variety of beautiful shapes. Food-safe lacquer finish. Hand wash As in nature, color and shape may vary Approximate dimensions: 9-10" diameter x 2-3" tall From the eco-friendly mango collection, this freeform bowl always starts a conversation. From serving food to simply being used as a decorative accent, this hand-carved mango dish brings visual interest and utility from the carver's hand. As they are hand-carved, each piece is slightly different from the next.