Enrico Products 2225H Rootworks Medium Flat Cut Root Bowl, Natural Lacquer

By Enrico Products



Natural Lacquer

Shan Mu

Weight: 3lbs

Rootworks Medium Flat Cut Root Bowl, Natural Lacquer Each of Enrico's hand carved root bowls is uniquely beautiful and stands alone as a natural work of art. These fantastic pieces are carved from a species of Chinese Fir called Shan Mu, which grows abundantly in the mountains of central China. The stumps left by logging are reclaimed prior to replanting and hand-carved by local artisans into the shapes in this collection. They are beautiful and practical items that bring their own unique organic charm into the home. Each piece is a one-of-a-kind. Food-safe lacquer finish Hand wash Knotholes and minor cracks add a unique charm. Approximate Dimensions: 9-11" diameter x 4-6" tall Whether for serving food or simply as a trinket display, these hand-carved wooden bowls are great conversation pieces and as handy as they are beautiful. Every bowl is different as they are each carved by skilled artisans interpreting the wild grain patterns and natural shapes of the root or stump they come from. With an easy to clean food-safe lacquer finish they are a wonderful addition to home and table.